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Plugivery Forums _ Rough Draft Audio _ Christmas 2007

Posted by: roughdraftaudio Dec 21 2007, 01:28 PM

It'll be that time of year again then!

2007 has been a busy year, I have worked for 3 employers, released a number of plugins, done some VST contract work, and still haven't managed to get the item referred to finished and out!

I'm looking at redoing the website using PHP, probably for when the unfinished item is finshed. As well as that I have a couple of projects underway, neither of which I can disclose at this moment!

In terms of publicity, there's been the which I co-entered with Alex (aka mully) with the Betabugs DucklingCompressor and had a solo RDA entry PanGloss. They were both fairly well received, and for those who keep count of such things a quick recheck of the page shows the came 15th and 32nd respectively out of 42. I enjoyed doing both of them. I had got through two other ideas (which I still hope to implement) before getting very short of time and contacting Alex about a followup to BBs first plugin 'SimpleSqueeze', I also put PanGloss together from an aborted piece of work earlier in the year. featured EQ22 in a recent special, wusik magazine included an interview with me in a roundup for the developer challenge, Computer Music included a short paragraph tutorial for both DucklingCompressor and PanGloss in their issue which highlighted the DevChal, and on the back page an issue of CM just out (Jan/Feb 08, I believe) Rurik Leffanta (aka xoxos winner of the DevChal) gave PanGloss a name check as one of the entries that stood out to him - so thank you good sir!

My list of possible works is continually expanding - if only I didn't need a day job! Any offers please don't hesitate to get in touch!

So, I'll take this opportunity to wish all RDA users a merry Christmas and prosperous new year, and hope to see you all again soon!


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