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Plugivery Forums _ Nomad Factory _ Authorization Issues

Posted by: bruhziehfix Jun 5 2023, 05:06 PM

i got my hands on MagmaFX and GarbageLSD at the start of this month on my other laptop, installed them, register - no issues.

The same thing i did on my Music Laptop, also installed, registered no problem.

Yesterday though i had the need of sounddesign something and went to use them. Both of them now show me a error message.

As for MagmaFX it crashes my Reaper and also my LMMS with the message: "Could not find the MFX-VSTChainer Presets directory. The MAGMA MFX-VSTChainer may not be installed properly."
When i try to activate my license with the authorizer it tells me: "There was an error writing your activation to your hard drive. Please make sure you are logged in as administrator". I also try to run everything as an administrator but nothing (i'm the only user and admin)

Garbage on the other Hand starts in Demo again and says at registering: "Cannot create license file. Check please if you have write permissions for the following folder:
with no folder pointed.

i re-installed both multiple times, clearing also the cache with geek uninstaller

When i look into my Documents/Nomad Factory there is a license folder each with a "UNLOCK"Data.
is this the data created, when a Product was successfully authorized?

Hope someone can help, before i have to hard reset my system to try again.

16 GB Ram

Thanks in advance

Posted by: chasie Nov 26 2023, 01:34 PM

I had the same problem with The Pulse-Tec EQs.
Go to %Public%\Documents\. If you find a shortcut to the Plugivery folder, delete it.
Install programs as usual.
Really hope this helps.

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