OK Folks, I've been authorised to talk about this now...

Some time ago a chap wandered into kvr looking for a developer, I answered. It took a while, a number of iterations, ladida.. But it's here!

What is it?
MIDIMadness - an algorithmic melody generator, that operates as a standalone program or VST plugin. Currently PC only.

See it at http://www.midimadness.co.uk

Do note - I am only the developer; marketting, business management, etc is being handled by the original bloke (aircut007 at kvr). Comments, questions, feature requests, etc should be routed through him, preferrably via the email contact on the website (info@midimadness.co.uk). You can post here as well...

It's a MIDI event generator, and makes no sounds in itself.. err, go watch the video demos smile.gif

This is something that I'm very pleased with, in it's development I had to solve a variety of math, protocol and format issues, keep a compact and pleasing interface, etc. It's been a lot of hard work, but it's done and it's out!