Hi ircamLAB customers,

1) Create a "New Topic" for your each Bug Report in the main product related forum HERE, or add your comments to an existing topic.

2) Do not post multiple bugs in a single topic. Keep each report separate !

3) Please utilize the short report template below in your post(s) as a guide for the key/mandatory information we require to replicate an issue in-house and to technically assist you.


Bug Report Template


Give a brief summary of the issue here including importantly the product owned.

Product Version and Format:
Write the product version(s) and formats (Standalone, AAX, AU, Etc.) affected by your issue.

Write a detailed overview of the bug/issue, using these sub-headings: -

- Steps To Reproduce
- Actual Result
- Expected Result

Is the bug reproducible, and has it been checked against any previous version of the product?

- One Time Occurrence
- Random Occurrence
- Always
- Not Reproducible

Your System Information:
Please provide complete details of your system specs, including: -

- Comp Model and Processor
- Operating System
- DAW version and build number (where applicable):

Please attach any crash reports or logs, or mini dump files (Windows only) to your support ticket.

Further, for Mac users (specifically), a ".spx" file would be appreciated. You may save, zip, and attach this in your ticket...

How do I save a .spx file?
Click the 'Apple' icon (top left), select About This Mac > More Info > System Report. Then, File > Save.


Thank you !