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I am trying to come up with solutions for a problem that I encountered recently. Yesterday, I purchased both Rapture and Dimension Pro 1.5 from Cakewalk. As you probably are aware, they are offering both for $99.00. I could not turn that down. I currently run PTLE 7.4 on a 27" iMAC intel 2.66 GHz dual core running Mac OS 10.4.11 (TIGER). I have not upgraded to Leopard or Pro Tools 8 as my current system is extremely stable and all of my plug-ins perform flawlessly. I read all about constant issues occurring in systems that were upgraded that it scares me off. I realize that someday I may have to upgrade as nothing that old will be supported anymore. But for now....I am happy with RIG. The problem that I ran into is that although Rapture is supported on 10.4, Dimension PRO 1.5 is not. I talked with Cakewalk support and they are checking into sending me Dimension 1.3, which is still supported on Tiger. But, in the meantime, I had another thought. I also own a MACBOOK PRO running MAC OS 10.6. I believe that using a product like Vienna Ensemble Pro, I could install that on my laptop and use it as a plug-in host, connecting the two computers with an ethernet cable. I then could install the most recent version of Dimension Pro and essentially bus it over in real-time to my iMAC running Pro Tools. My question is: Are there less expensive ways to do this? Vienna Ensemble Pro retails for $265.00, and while that is not exorbitant, it does sort - of negate the 'deal' that I thought I was getting by purchasing Rapture and Dimension for $99.00. There are so many products that are called 'Virtual Plug-In Hosts'...but I can not seem to be able to figure out whether these other products will be able to act as a real-time peripheral virtual instrument platform for Pro Tools. I also read about some people using DAW software like Reaper for this purpose...but will I still be able to output my peripherally hosted VI's to pro tools for recording?

I realize that this is 'long winded', but I felt that I had to be specific...I greatly value any input that you could provide. My email address is:
i try this...
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