To ensure that your post will be read, please follow the guidelines below when posting a Bug Report.

1- Be sure to use the latest Beta Version

The bug you are mentioning may have already been fixed, so please make sure that you are running the latest Beta Version release.

2- Make a descriptive title, prefixed by: BUG:

Exemple : BUG: Plug-in crashes when opening the settings page

3- Include your configuration details

Generate a system report using the plug-in's top left menu > About window > (i) button > Save system report as a file, and attach it to your post.

If you are simply unable to load the plug-in (plug-in crashes at startup), please provide the following information:

Platform: your platform, (Mac or PC)
OS: your operating system version, ex: MacOS 10.15.6
CPU: your CPU model, ex: Intel Core i5
Format: your plug-in format, ex: VST3
Version & Build: your plug-in version, including build number (can be found clicking the beta banner), ex: v4.3.2 build 4300202
DAW: your host application, ex: ProTools
DAW version: your host application version, ex: v22.9.3

4- Describe the issue

Please provide the steps needed to reproduce the bug along with a clear description.

ex: Insert plug-in, automate gain control, hit 'play'. The gain doesn't change.
(Screenshots or video captures are also greatly appreciated).

5- Provide logs (when applicable)

If the plug-in is crashing, attach any system log related to the crash (ProTools log, MacOS diagnostic report, etc.)

6- Don't post duplicate issues

Please Always search the product's forum for similar or duplicate cases.
If you've found a similar case, please reply in the corresponding topic (be sure to include your configuration).
If not, feel free to create a new topic 👍

Thank you very much for your support ! That greatly helps us and the development team in keeping the product line up to date and at its very best 👍