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Full Version: Can't Get The Plugins To Validate
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Ok, just purchased the plug & Mix plugins. Followed all of the directions... multiple times. It simply keeps asking for validation... SUPER frustrating!!!! How do I get some help with this? I'm on MAC OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 using Studio One, latest version. GRRRR, please help!

Actually, on follow up, I just noticed... the plug-in I ordered isn't even in the bundle that installed!! I ordered the Clarisonix plug-in, but the plug-ins that installed are Pro E-Max, Pro OptiMax, and pro Tube Exciter. What the heck is going on??
nm, I figured it out. Turns out, you have to download the "VIP Bundle" on the download page... then select to only install the Clarisonix in the install process. I had no idea that's what I had to do... I only tried this because while searching for a fix, I noticed on some other plugin website that the Clarisonix was included in the VIP bundle. Download instructions should specify this more clearly... what a hassle!

I tried this but it gets an error , demo loads but error seems to be in the installer as it has no custom destination only "Macintosh HD" ..even renamed mine to it but no luck. I see others use this plug how did they activate it ? sad.gif

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