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Full Version: Multi-channel For Delays, Doppler Etc. In Vst ?
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Hi guys. It seems this question appear not the first time, but honestly I have not found\googled an answer to it.
So, in user manual ("Multi-channel" page) is written that "Delays, Doppler, Reson and Shuffling propose outputs on several channels in AAX, RTAS, VST
and Audio Units."

Usually i load multichannel plugins into Plogue Bidule, which excellent show all available inputs and outputs of plugins. So, "Space" bundle plugs really has a much additional outputs, but mentioned Delay, Doppler, Reson - nope, just stereo out.

Perhaps I have misunderstood something?
Hi Anatolyj,

Multichannel VST are only available with some sequencer (Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper, etc..).
With others host applications, a default configuration is used :
- stereo for Classic & Evolution bundles
- max intput/output for Spaces bundle.
'Sources layout' and 'speakers layout' parameters allow to choose the actual number of inputs and outputs.

Best Regards


Emmanuel, ok. thanks. (I use Studio one 2)
But honestly to say i first time see multichannel plugins (i about delay\doppler..) which does not show their additional outputs in modular environment like Bidule. (Probably some non-standard ways).
Very good at least that in Space's are applied not the same multichannel system as in Classic & Evolution , because it can be use via Bidule.
Btw i thought before that Space is mostly for multichannel works, but its also useful for stereo environment, especially thanks for SpaceGrain
Damn, i install Reaper, and really - multiple outputs are show properly in Delays etc. Honestly to say im very surprised. But, why this additional outputs not displayed in Plogue Bidule ?? How it works ? Damn. Maybe there is some technical specification (in sense of plugin structure) of such outputs method ? Just, i have feeling (believe in this laugh.gif ) that Bidule also can do this. But how...
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