Mixing to the next level, a seven part video collection, designed to simplify the more advanced techniques necessary in accomplishing professional, radio friendly mixes.

In this two volume collection we focus on both the practical mixing essentials and the advanced "mixing out of the box" producers techniques.

Several different music style example's are used showing step by step mixing techniques. We also focus on several essential technique's for problem solving mixes, acoustics and tonal conflict's.

Mixing to the Next Level bundle includes Vol.1 and 2.

Some of the topic's are:
  • Focusing on lead and background vocals.
  • Understanding the structure of a mix.
  • Repairing tonal problems
  • Advanced effect techniques
  • Automating effect changes
  • Advanced reverb design
  • Stereo field technique's
  • Retro production technique's
  • Much more

Available for download.

Product page here: http://recordingschool.biz/homerecording/m...gtothenextlevel