QES PianoFx is a collection of sounds recorded on a bare harp and soundboard and is intended for SoundTrack Design. Included in the library are frame hits/knocks/thunks, string plucks, picks, harmonics, brush stabs, brush slaps, glisses, smears, line bowings, cello bow bowings, Ebow Fx, string removal sounds and serendipitous sounds. QES PianoFx includes SoundTools and Virtual Layer Remapping scripting and each of the atonal instruments has a separate group assigned to each sound so that the user can access the internal controls to tailor each sound according to their needs.

QES PianoFx comes in three versions:
1) PFX Pro a 24 bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo version with the complete set of sounds on 3 DVDs - 10 GB installed
2) PFX_KG_DLV a 16 bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo downloadable version containing hits, knocks, glisses and smears (3 ZIP files 1.2 GB total download)
3) PFX_MSC_DLV a 16 bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo downloadable version containing a few hits, glisses, and smears but focusing mainly on the more Fx side of things (stabs, slaps, string removal, etc.) (3 ZIP files 900 MB total download)

Listening demos and a manual are available on the product page at: http://www.qesounds.com/PFx/pfx.htm

QESounds is offering a one month introductory pricing:
  • QES PFx Pro $99.95 (normally $119.95)
  • QES PFX_KG_DLV $24.95 (normally $34.95)
  • QES PFX_MSC_DLV $24.95 (normally $34.95)

QES PianoFx joins QES Bowed Cymbals and QES Altered Reality Fx as QESounds libraries specifically created for SoundTrack Design.