PSPaudioware has updated PSP VintageWarmer to v2.3.0. It's now available for Windows 32- and 64-bit and Mac OS X UB in VST, AU and RTAS plug-in formats.

New features:
  • Mono-Stereo switch expanded to Mono-Stereo-Left-Right selector. Now it is possible to choose only one channel for processing.
  • Controller and automation support for ProTools users improved.

  • Latency improvement - PSP VintageWarmer has 127 samples of latency.
  • Latency improvement - PSP VintageWarmer2 has 639 samples of latency now.
  • Meters in VU mode has improved needle movement response according to VU specifications.
  • Front panel name of the PSP VintageWarmer2 was changed from PSP VintageWarmer to PSP VintageWarmer2.
  • Front panel name of the PSP VintageWarmer was changed from PSP VintageWarmer LE to PSP VintageWarmer.

Bug fixes:
  • Initial click in Logic with PSP VintageWarmer2 - solved.
  • Various weird GUI behavior and crashes caused by the PSP VintageWarmer2 - solved.
  • Channel lockup and noises with PSP VintageWarmer2 - solved.
  • Gain Reduction meter shows improper values when Ceiling not at 0dB - solved.
  • Various weird meter behavior and synchronization problems - solved.

Known issues:
  • Due to channel routing changes we advice to check the Mono-Stereo-L-R selector state.
  • Thanks to the reduced latency we advice to check up your track synchronization. In the case of the manual latency compensation please reset your delays to adequate values.
  • The Meter delay knob on the rear panel is not present in this version.
  • Tow VU/PPM and Scale range parameters have new - more adequate names now. MeterScale changed to MeterType (VU/PPM) and MeterRange changed to MeterScale.
  • In some applications there might occur a strange meters' behavior in GR mode on silence right after initialization.

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